Agency Perspective – Expo 2020 Pavilion Premiere and what it meant for musicians

Lights. Camera. Action! Dubai was one of the first countries to get going in terms of live entertainment after worldwide lockdown and it was great to be back on site again, feeling the bass speakers hit your knees and hearing live music again! Things felt very positive for a few months with many projects around the city going on, artists getting back to work and agencies feeling a sense of normality again until we all woke up to a circular banning all live entertainment with immediate effect. It felt like déjà vu as something so simple as a one-page PDF can put a grinding holt to everything you have been working on for the past few years. Events got canceled left, right and center with all the uncertainty coming back to our beloved entertainment industry.

There was one shining light in this dark tunnel for us, the Expo Pavilions Premier project which took place at the Sustainability Pavilion at Expo 2020. It started on 15 January 2021 as a way to drive footfall and engagement to Expo 2020 and we were responsible for entertaining the guests with some incredible live musicians on a stage in the F&B area. This continued up to 10 April 2021 and was the only live event taking place in the region for a few months.

As word got out that this event was still going on, a huge proportion of the musicians in Dubai started reaching out to us in order to secure a performance slot on the stage. To say the feeling was overwhelming is an understatement…

This event meant absolutely everything to musicians. It was a lifeline after a year of no live gigs, so a stage performance was perfect! Our client wanted an “eclectic range” of musicians on stage so every day, every week that was programmed was filled with a range of genres, styles and musicians.

In times like this, it is important to spread the love as much as possible by adding a bunch of new musicians each week to the programming, especially with the license of “eclectic range of musicians” from the client, we were not restricted on who can perform on the stage.

There were many special moments with this project; located at the beautiful Sustainability Pavilion on Expo 2020 site, seeing a different line up of musicians each day but most importantly, knowing that this gig is one that massively assists the music community in Dubai.

To all of those who were involved, thank you!

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