Agency Perspective: How does Ramadan Impact a Talent Management Agency

With Ramadan coming to an end soon, we take a look back on the past month and the opportunities the holy month has provided us as an entertainment agency. As always, Ramadan is a key moment for individuals of all beliefs to reflect as well as look forward to the prospects of the future. This year is no different especially with the ruthlessness of the past year the entertainment industry has experienced.

With the current ban on live entertainment in bars and restaurants, and the usual dip in overall work during the holy month of Ramadan (as clients go to reduced hours and all industries take a step back from the continuous Dubai drive) we as a company have taken this time to rebuild and recreate. It is essential to stay refreshed and keep up communication between the team and our clients, in order to stay up to date with entertainment trends and having a constant creative momentum. Keeping proactive by having creative workshops during Ramadan allows us to engage with our clients better and move forward as a team in terms of innovative concepts.  

With the idea that live entertainment will be opening up soon, we take this down time during Ramadan to prepare. It is key to ensure that this is done with caution, as it is essential to the entertainment and events industry that we are all working together responsibly and safely to avoid any further entertainment restrictions in the future. As an agency, we keep positive and are ready for what looks like a promising year ahead for entertainment.


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