Coronavirus Update

Over the last few weeks we have been working as a team to fully understand the implications and challenges that the sudden lock down of our industry has had and what the ramifications of this are for the future of our business’s which rely greatly on the ability of people to gather in large groups, which is obviously not something we can do at this current moment in time.  

When we started the company just over five years ago, it was born from the desire to do the things that we love and to be able to support & provide a platform for some of the most incredibly talented people that we get to work with on a regular basis.  To showcase creativity, to create experiences, to support our talent, partners, suppliers and colleagues. To bring people together.  

As we are forced indoors and restrictions are put in place that currently prohibit us from doing the things that we love, these founding principles are as important now as they have ever been.  

As businesses we can often plan for disruption to our industry, many have weathered recessions and quiet periods in the past however non can really say that they could have foreseen a global health pandemic occurring in 2020, a year which was slated to be a pinnacle in the Middle East events calendar and something many of us have been preparing to support for a long time.  

The subsequent shut down has thrown up huge challenges for all of us in business whom rely upon live events for income.  As we all collectively work to address these challenges, myself and the team have set three simple objectives that we hope will steer us through these times and help navigate a path ahead.  

  1. We understand our responsibilities and obligations to ensure that all team members, talent, partners and suppliers are paid in full for their time and services. As a small business that does not have a vast financial reserve to cash flow the business over a prolonged period of time, we have had to take steps to manage cash flow in the times of uncertainty and in the absence of state aid and financial institution support.  We are committed to making regular and systematic payments to all those whom are currently outstanding. We fully understand the pain and challenges that everyone is going through, freelancers and self employed creative’s in particular. Whilst we endeavor to make payments in a timely manner, there will be delays to the process and we are working to ensure that we communicate these challenges with all concerned. Communication is often one of the most important factors in times of crisis, should anyone wish to contact me directly to discuss further – I am available.  
  1. We need to protect the physical, emotional, financial and mental wellbeing of all of our team members and wider events community. As we ensure periods of isolation and come to terms with the challenges that we have encountered and are yet to confront, we are committed to ensuring that all of our team and wider events family have the support they require to emerge from this experience. Many of us are away from family members, live alone and may not have the support structures in place that would be typically found in our home countries. As we come to terms with what is happening, we are putting in place the necessary steps to ensure that we take the time required to heal and come back stronger than ever when the lock downs are lifted and the economy starts to move again.
  1. We need to plan to rebuild. We have an amazing industry and collective of people we get to collaborate with on a regular basis. Although it may not yet seem like it, the events industry will come back bigger and better than ever before. Like all life changing experiences, we will all have to adapt and amend the way we think & operate. Our commitment is to ensure that we put the necessary planning and work in now that will enable us to support creative’s, performance artists, our clients, partners and suppliers in revenue generating opportunities as soon as the restrictions are lifted and we are able to do so.  

Life will live again and we are excited to be here and play a role in supporting the reestablishment of our industry when it is safe and practical to do so.  

Dan Bolton

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