The time is now.

It’s safe to say that the year that should have been turned out to be the year that we would all rather forget.

For an industry that relies upon bringing people together, 2020 was a universal disaster and as we edge further into 2021 the excess baggage of COVID still continues to cause havoc within the world of entertainment, Lingering in the background like that hangover that just won't go away.

As we approach the one-year mark of the fateful days our industry imploded, it’s easy to forget just how far we have come. Battle scared and exhausted, many of us continue to man the trenches in what sometimes seems to be the never-ending cycle of mundane monotony. For the first time in what almost seems to be an eternity, the end is in sight.

Whilst 2021 may not have started the way many of us had hoped, the reality is starting to emerge that things are certainly looking up and our industry stands ready to salvage the old normal that many of us have been longing for since this whole thing kicked off.

As we push to return to the “old normal” things have inevitably changed. I don’t mean mandatory face mask wearing and (Un)social distancing, I mean humanities desire to experience what life truly means again. In a long baron year where it's been far from fun, we all need something to look forward to and once again create those magical memories that make life worth living.

As the pent up frustrations of lock down and restrictions bubble ever more to the surface we can confidently say that for our industry and the role it plays in making human existence worth while, the year ahead will be more important than ever.

For those that get back up on their feet, brush themselves down and embrace the inevitable challenges that will still lie ahead, the time is now and we have the ability to take charge of our industries recovery, building back stronger and better than before.

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